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Inward Thinking

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

What does it mean to be human?

January 11, 2020


Dear Diary,

What does it mean, being human, in a society that succumbs to materialistic ways of seeing things? Where I'm judged not by who I am, but what occupation I hold and title I carry. What stuff I've collected to show my value to the outside world.

However, what about the human heart?

What about my inner life? Obtaining a foundation not of stuff on the outside, but obtaining wisdom, knowledge, and strength on the inside? When something happens: loss of a job, illness, injury, etc., where the materialistic life can be taken away in an instant; however, destructive forces can't take away my inner strength to stay resilient. The strength I need to redefine and revalue who I am: finding a way to cope, move forward, and survive as I rebuild over time.

Being human is complex. There are so many outside influences and things to fill my life with temporary happiness and highs. But like with many in our society, there's still the complaint of depression, loneliness, poverty, evils taking over the world, even when the standard of living improves. Where are mine and everyone's happiness going? We wish so much to remove our loneliness, but then never pick up the phone calling a friend saying "hi," beyond texting. Perhaps technology is moving faster than society can keep up with the new social stigmas, rules, and regulations that come with every new form of communication. Even the definition of "friend" has been redefined in cyberspace.

I have over 200 "friends" on Facebook, but I mostly feel no real "friendship" connection to the 200+ cyber profile pictures I see. This world is rapidly becoming a different world. Does this mean there'll be a reaction with continued technology? More people wishing to go back around the trees and rivers? When possible, it seems people are already finding ways to push the "off" button. Only the future knows the extent people will go to get away from everything to embrace being just human.


Being Perfect

June 20, 2020

10:45 am

Dear Diary,

There are times I wish I didn't feel the need to be so perfect. Logically I understand in reality, I don't have to be perfect, but my life hasn't trained me to accept the imperfections within myself. There's always something to work on.