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Top English Mistakes


The, the, the

Count how many the, to, on, in, this, it, a... end up in one sentence.

When I went to the store, the man was sitting on the chair laughing loudly. 

When I went to the store, there was a man sitting on his chair, laughing loudly.  

When I went to the corner store, a big man from our neighborhood was sitting on his wooden chair, laughing loudly.  (descriptive, define)


To, to, to

Its, its, its

The bird flew to its tree to feed them in its nest to were its babies were. 

The bird flew to a tree where the babies were, and fed them in their nest. 

The bluebird flew to a tall pine tree where the babies were chirping. She feed them in their nest made from branches, which sat on the highest limb. (descriptive, define) 

The bluebird flew to a tall pine treewhere the babies were chirping. Momma bird fed her babies in their nest, made from branches that sat on the highest limb.

(Two sentences. Who's their? Define "their") 

Define: Their, there, they, this, that.

Define: "Who" "What" "Where"

Replace: Allow only one of these words in a sentence.

The man and his wife went in their car and drove to this appointment that was in SF. Their son went with them and their dog. When they got there, their car stopped suddenly. They called AAA before driving back home to feed their cat and dog and make their dinner.  

An old man and his elderly wife, with their young son plus yellow lab ( everyone together, descriptive)... drove to  (what appointment?) a doctor's appointment in SF. When (who's they) this family of four arrived at the doctor's building (where appt. is held), their old car stopped suddenly. (Who's "they") The young son called AAA before (who's driving?) his elderly dad drove home. (Who's feeding?) When this family finally arrived, the wife fed their fat cat and yellow lab before making a meatloaf dinner.  

Define: What is THAT?

Can you take THAT out?

When that happened to that mouse in that corner, that cat jumped.  

When mouse got his tail stuck inside the trap in the corner of my living room, cat Smiley  jumped when this mouse trap snapped!   

That bird's nest sits on that tree limb that's way up high. 

The bird's nest is sitting on a very high tree limb, way up in the air. 

There's a bird's nest sitting on my tree limb, which is high up in the bright blue sky. 

When the end is really the beginning

The sky was bright blue today, so I decided to go for a walk. (flip)

Today, I decided to go for a walk because the sky was bright blue.

(taking out middle comma)

The dog jumped my fence; therefore, I had to run after it. (flip)

I had to run after the dog that jumped my fence.

Watercolor Butterfly 19

I was walking to my friend's house, but then remembered I forgot the cookies. (flip)

I remembered forgetting the cookies when walking to my friend's house. 


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