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Storyboarding & Study Guides


In 6th grade, I was in a play called The Christmas Carol. One of the actors saw I was struggling with memorizing spelling words. He told me to pick out my favorite color. When I did, he told me to write down one spelling word, close my eyes, and see the word. "Now write the word again and visualize the word backward," he instructed. This was when I learned about color - picture association. After this spelling word experience, I always studied with color to remember: maps, vocabulary, and even math. I got mostly A's on tests after learning this color trick-of-the-trade. 


In college, when I got into Political Science 120 with a challenging professor, I thought I was in trouble! My professor required his students to remember big chunks of information. After getting through test #1 with black and white - very wordy notes - I remembered accomplishing the impossible using color in 6th grade. I describe the steps to accomplishing an "A" in Political Science and other subjects below. Below that explanation is the storyboards I created.


Storyboards can be created with: crayons, pens, cutouts, stamps, stickers, shapes, magazine pictures, digital art, Google Drawings... have fun and create! 

Record Lectures

I record all lectures and listen to the lectures after class. 

For my Political Science 120 class, I wrote out the main points longhand. I then typed them up in my own words. 

Example: blog "Political Science 120..."  

In my own words

When I took International Relations, I used my tablet to copying the powerpoints in class. I then went home and typed out my own words below the powerpoint, while listening to the recorded lecture.


If possible, I would find a friend, professor, study buddy - later video camera - and explained, in my own words, how I understood the subject matter. 

Explanation: ALL three videos below

Color Coding

1. Make each type of bullet point a different color.

2. When writing out essays or topic study guide paragraphs, each time the topic changes, change the color.

Explanation: test survival video below

Example: blog "International Relations..."

Color coding  example

Paragraph practice essays

Putting words into pictures

Civil War

Civil War and the aftermath

House of Representatives

How the House of Representatives works

Civil System

How the Civil System works in government

Poorly defined property rights

How poorly defined property rights makes society poorer

How WWII and Cold War came about

WWII and Cold War

Black Death

Black Death and the effects on society

Made in Google Drawings and with colored pencil 

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