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Needle & Thread

Top Pick

Sewing Machines

Sewing Machine

Napa Sew and Vac
2477 Solano Ave.
Napa, CA 94558

Janome Magnolia 7318



*Under $400

*18 stitches 

*Has both length and width knobs

*Can sew through many layers

*Top loading bobbin 

*Janome quality

* One sewer has the computerized version that sews perfectly after ten years 


Doesn't have blanket stitch for quilters

Non-computerized  Janome machines tend to vibrate more than other machines.

Janome 3160 QOV



*50 Stitches

*Multiple needle positions 

*Stop-start button

*Automatic cutter

* Sews over thick fabrics

*Top quality for the price 

Janome 3160 QDC-T



*60 Stitches

*Superior Plus feed dog system 

*Automatic cutter

* Hard case cover

*Extention table

* Walking foot

* Sews from heavy to light fabric easily

Janome 4120 QDC-T



*Everything the 3160 QDC-T has PLUS

*120 Stitches

* Alphabet


* Automatic tie-off

*Multiple blanket stitches 

Village Sewing Center
506 Lewis Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

PFAFF 260c


Simple computerized sewing machine, excellent quality

* Sew any fabric

* Very durable 

* All  28 stitch buttons on the front  

* Every simple stitch a sewer needs

* Hard case cover for carrying and storing

Janome HD 3000 


Best non-computerized simple sewing machine

*Very portable and sturdy

*Machine will hold up for years

* Has storage unit inside the lid to store accessory feet

* Diagram inside cover to tell you what foot  to use

*Comes with hardcover for protection and carrying  

*18 stitches


No "blanket" stitch for quilters

No automatic up and down needle button. 

Note: Can also be found at Napa Sew and Vac

Viking Husqvarna Emeraled 18 


*Non-computerized, sturdy and portable machine

*Very easy operation

*Speed control (usually seen on computerized)

*Needle up and down button (usually seen on computerized)

* Continuous back stitch button  (only on this machine)


Doesn't have "blanket" stitch for quilters  

Singer 8060 



*Sales lady at Village Sewing owns one and loves this machine

*Comes with an extension table

*Has an automatic cutting button 

*Felt sturdy when tested in the store 

*Good quality machine for the price point and being on a budget

*Packed full of features   


Newer Singers aren't known for being top quality machines, however this one holds its value.  


Couldn't find a video...

Juki DX7



* Needle threader is superior 

*Comes with an extension table and walking foot

*Very sturdy when tested in store

*Lots of great decorative stitches!

 *Button to raise the foot up and down


Hard not to bring one home

Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Center
1455 Santa Rosa Ave. 
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Bernette b37


Top seller


*50 stitches

*Very sturdy

*Automatically tells you which foot to use

*Excellent machine for the price. 


Has 50 stitches. This means pushing the up and down buttons a lot; for example, with stitch #25, you press the up button 25 times.  

Note: The Janome 3160 QDC-T is a simular machine $649

Can also be found at Village Sewing 

Bernette b38


Step up from the Bernette b37


*Very sturdy

*Comes with extension table

*Easily punch in stitch numbers on keypad 

*Automatic cutter button

*Ability to combine stitches

Note: all machines at this level and above have alphabets

Can also be found at Village Sewing

The Janome 5300 QDC is a similar machine $749

Babylock Jubilant


*Has a wheel instead of buttons to navigate stitches

*More effortless than pushing up and down buttons  

*This Babylock siris has superior threader leaver

 *Doesn't come with an extension table, but can get one on Amazon for about $25 

Babylock Brilliant


Level up

*Can tell this machine to backstitch and cut automatically

* Can "save"  stitch changes into memory 

*Key pad to push in stitch numbers

*Fabric sensor

*Wide throat

Babylock Soprano


Everything above +

*Comes with an extension table

*Sews in a square without turning the fabric

* Has a "pivot" function button on the side 

* Programmable"step" function - you tell the decorative stitch, for example, to sew the "star" pattern one stitch up, and then one stitch down or in a diagonal.

This machine is one step away from an embroidery machine. 

Under $400

Bernette b35


Non-computerized - top seller

*Very sturdy

* One-step buttonhole

*Can sew through many layers

*Has both length and width dials 


Tend to be louder than other machines

The bobbin loads on the bottom instead of on top 

Some people see bottom loading bobbins as a downfall,   others see this as a plus, so it depends on the sewer.

*Can be found at both Village and Meissner Sewing

or any Bernia retailer.

Babylock Zeal



* You can feel the power when sewing

*Top loading bobbin 

*Has both length and width dials 

*Sews through many layers

*One-step buttonhole machine

*An excellent machine for the price

*Can be found at Meissner Sewing

and other Babylock retailers.

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