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How I keep standing

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

When life hits me hard, like a tornado that tears apart every standing building in its path, I remember to ask myself, "What is God's vision for me right now?" "How can I be used?" "What is it, when all seems lost, that I can do?" "What can I give?"

I remind myself that life isn't about living for myself but for others – we are a community – to look out for each other with a higher purpose. I have learned living a life for oneself isn't the answer to finding purpose or fulfilling life. Doing useless work that doesn't show:

  • Love for our neighbors

  • Helping to achieve my highest potential

  • Looking at life through an "all about me" lens wastes time and energy.

Even though being negative while following my lower self is never the answer, sometimes, at the moment, it's easier. This action then has a domino effect causing regret to where I justify why I wasn't a better person; the guilt turns me bitter towards the world. I am no angel on this planet, but I must continue to look up towards the Heavens and understand that Heaven is always there waiting to embrace me, even when I fall.

I must allow my inner self to have the ability to change through finding more understanding, humanity, compassion, and helping my community. So, what I can accomplish through grace becomes what I give to the world. Not to live through bitterness or resentment but to love and understand (when possible).

Being human on this planet is complex and requires lots of work to overcome every challenge. Only through my faith: understanding I'm God's "understudy, and He's the ultimate Master" have I felt I could handle the impact of my existence. God is the shoulder I can lean on when there's no other shoulder. He knows why things are the way they are, even when I don't understand. I find this comforting. My life is a partnership with God. I must do my part to achieve what I can, and then God will help carry me the rest of the way, but only when I do my part. As I say, "Miracles don't happen when sitting on the couch." Therefore, finding value in my work and doing the best possible

Love makes shadows part

job is necessary. Then I can look back and say, "I know I did everything I could, with the energy and capacity I had." Then pray, "God, can you now carry me the rest of the way, up to the mountain top towards my next destination to what's next?"

Inspired by Hillside Church: Aug. 7, 2022

"Masterpiece: The work of art and the artist at work."

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