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Don't Change

Humans are complex, especially when ruled by emotions, self-centeredness, and self-destruction. So why do people wish to be destructive towards themselves and others? People say, "Love me for who I am!" But who is that person when they hate and destroy? These haters live in a fantasy and continue to deny people born as a man who is not interested in sports to call themselves a man, and a woman, who's not interested in ballet, is still a woman. Somehow society has gone backward to define once again the definition of what a man and woman are – boy and girl. Instead of valuing these unique individuals as they are and what they can give to the world, being "born who they were born to be," these non-typicals are to change physically and be drugged up to fit the stereotype.

These new shapeshifters are now working hard to become someone else while finding a short high and suffering long-term misery, thinking they will find ultimate happiness. Could this not be more ridiculous? So, let me get this straight. First, I must deny who I was born to be because my personality doesn't fit someone else's simple-minded narrative. Therefore, I must reject what God put me on this Earth to become and instead change my whole body, my whole self, to the tune of thousands of dollars and a lifetime of drugs that will destroy my health. I couldn't live in a more self-destructive time in history. Depression, mental illness, and self-hatred are skyrocketing; therefore, external hatred is at an all-time high.

I'm to believe if I'm uncomfortable in my skin and lost in my place in the world, even for a moment, it's not God I should look up to and embrace while working to understand myself through continued growth, education and time. Instead, should I turn into something else God did not create but a re-creation of myself to be chiseled out with a scalpel?

These liars also tell me it's better to become one mind and one thought while working to destroy my physical health. The sacrifice to change my outward appearance, which will never be good enough, is the positive path toward happiness and fulfillment.

And after becoming part of this one mind collective, when finally waking up from the nightmare, I must not say what's true, that the drugs and scalpel did not work! Instead, I must keep pretending and spuing a false narrative or else.

Remember, society's full of people who are pretenders and actors in their unfolding drama and want people to join their club. These clubbers pretend to care as a lure, but they live only for themselves and to grow their membership. This small collective works to control through putting the fear of rejection, ridicule, and worse in the hearts of good Samaritans when the good aren't interested in joining the clubbers' dangerous game of shapeshifting change.

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