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Isolation due to In-toleration

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

I understand that being human is confusing. First, we must process the wars, battles, storms, and tsunamis that hit us. Sometimes these storms hit early in childhood that can tear away the human soul and make us wonder if we will survive and, if so, how? How do we climb out of hell if we've fallen so far down into the pit? On top of that, we must process our own and other people's foolishness, which affects us as we grow older and grayer. With age, we must decide if we will finally embrace a humbled self or continue with a hateful path that spits, insults, and slurs a negative narrative.

We are becoming more isolated when there's no joy in isolation. With technology, I feel more isolated than connected. People want friends to be perfect specimens that they envision. If that friend is not, these hyper-sensitive people move on because their friend is no longer good enough. Society needs to work on how to put up with people: understanding how to talk things out before throwing a friend into the trash bin. People are hyper-triggered, angry, and emotional while feeling entitled.

Friends must be almost perfect to the receiver or punished with silence, unfriending, ghosting, or all-out blocking. Why? Because this imperfect person no longer deserves attention, they messed up, no matter how minor the infraction. So people think it's better to go out and find a new friend that can read minds and text all the things the ego wants to hear. Then people wonder why so many of us became lonely and friendless.

Texting, too, has taken over actual communication, talking on the phone and hearing a genuine voice. Now it's considered rude if you don't text and ask first, "Are you busy?" before dialing, yet we keep our phones on us 24/7 so people can get a hold of us 24/7. People only want to communicate in the communication style they prefer – reading words on a screen, wanting to make sure they are always in control. I know I'm in control when I get back to someone's text and when I make that person feel valued and worthy of my time. I can manage a person's self-worth by being responsive or ignoring the words on the screen. This little phone gives me power.

Our society used to communicate with people, and overcoming differences was required when people depended more on a helping hand from their neighbors. These days I barely know my neighbors and Google or YouTube information when needed, hire help, or call up my dad. I see people lying to themselves about not needing anyone and how accomplishing and dealing with things "on your own" is more valuable than working together or having a partner.

People first complain about loneliness and feeling disconnected but then guard what they think and who they are. People who think differently in today's world would reject me. I'm also not interested in playing the victim or hating, unlike other people who hate themselves, the world, and their lives. These haters spit onto others, taking joy in division and destruction because their souls have become destroyed and can't take the light of others. These people claim to be tolerant but can't tolerate sunlight.

Everything instead is about creating fame, fortune, and likes by being false on social media. People fear getting "canceled" for not thinking with the collective. These people who work to control the narrative do not care about humanity, but make others suffer and blame them for their suffering instead of looking at their miserable themselves. The unfortunate feel entitled to things they didn't earn but deserve because they were born.

These souls tear apart humankind under the disguise of some "important movement" and "agenda." They think spitting, throwing tantrums, insults, slurs, and negativity benefit humanity by acting like animals. So, how is hatred beneficial? How is hatred inclusive? Can you answer that question?

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