Better Yourself!

There is no joy in isolation, but with technology, we have become more isolated in not having to learn and put up with each other. So first, we complain about loneliness, but then we self-guard ourselves from being real. We know we will be rejected by people around us if we show our true self, perhaps even a better self that is not a victim. But then we will be left by people who are only victims and hate us for not continuing the hatred in our hearts, as they do, because – in truth – they hate themselves.

Who knows these days what being an actual human being means. Everything surrounding us is about creating fame, fortune, and likes by being false on social media. We fear getting "canceled" for not thinking as a collective unless we're willing to be hated by haters. People who can't stand to see people doing good and living satisfying lives. These people of misery now control the narrative, not people who care about humanity. These haters must make people suffer as they blame others for their suffering. These miserable souls tearing apart humankind under the disguise of some "important movement" and "agenda." Because is spitting, throwing a tantrum, insults, slurs, and negativity being one's true self and beneficial to humanity, or is this person indoctrinated? How is being a hater a benefit to society? The other side is NOT your enemy.

I understand that being human is confusing. First, we must process our own wars, battles, storms, and tsunamis that hit. Sometimes these storms hit early in childhood that can tear away the human soul; then wonder if we will survive and, if so, how? How do we climb out of hell if we've fallen so far down into the pit? On top of that, we must process our own and other people's foolishness, which affects us as we grow older and grayer. With age, we must decide if we will finally embrace a humbled self or continue with a hateful one that spits, insults, and slurs the negative.

As a child, time slips by slowly, then quickly picks up into adulthood. Where did the time go? Why is it slipping? I never feel like I'm doing enough to move my future forward. Even when I feel caught up, there's still more to do, and I wish to hide under the covers. Why get up if you can never catch up? My answer because staying in bed will not do anything but stagnate life, then what will I have if I stop trying? I will have nothing instead of creating something with the time I have in a day, week, or month. If I do nothing, I will never know if something was possible if I moved forward even an inch, little by little, like a snail. I remind myself; the snail does eventually get to its destination. So if I stop living, how does that benefit humanity?

However, sometimes we run from the things we should be doing because they are too hard, feel too tired, and have too much responsibility; what would it matter anyway? The sense we can't push through one more door, start over one more time, or take one more step up that high torturous maintain.

Then sometimes, it's the people we run from - love - people who can heal us the most. But, sometimes we run from people we should run from who are destructive. Sometimes we need to know which is which, which gets confusing. However, does the person have our best interest in mind? If they say, "you need to change," is it towards a self that would be happier and more excepting of the talents and gifts we have in a positive direction?

In contrast, does the person instead wish you to not succeed and become a completely different person than who you were born? Does the person put you down when you rise out of the ditch? Would they insist you go left instead of right? Nothing you do is good enough, even when trying? They are never proud but keep you down. They will define fulfillment in materialistic terms. YOU are not to exist except as someone to make themselves feel better by keeping you in the trenches.

Where are the real friends in this techno society that quickly throws people away?

…Why are humans so complicated: emotions, self-centeredness, self-destruction… Why DO we wish to destroy ourselves and others instead of love? We say, "Love me for who I am!" But who are you? We continue to deny that people born as a man may not be interested in sports, and a woman may not be interested in ballet, and somehow that matters. But what value can they give the world, being "born who they were meant to be"? Why are people working so hard to become someone else just to become miserable, thinking they will find happiness? It's ridiculous! We are now to deny who we are and, therefore, deny what we were put on this Earth to become in the first place. We couldn't live in a more miserable, lonely, throwaway, self-centered, me-me-me society. We are not to embrace our individual selves, but to become a one mind collective, one thought controlled, being destructive.

However, I may not like what you say, but I do not hate you. So why not be for the good of humanity, not the opposite?

Instead, as part of a collective, we don't speak our actual thoughts. Most thoughts stay hidden until they are safe to come out. We are not real people walking around but pretenders, actors in our own drama unfolding. We live for ourselves and lie to others out of fear of rejection, ridicule, and worse. We've become lazy in working on ourselves while blaming others for our temper tantrums, childish behaviors, and actions that lead to misery. Instead of taking responsibility, they accuse, "You made me do this. If you just changed, I wouldn't be like this. I wouldn't have to treat you this way. If you were different and part of the collective, I would be a better person towards you, if you just changed into what I wanted."

Suppose this person who blames has no intention of bettering themselves. Why not follow this example and blame others for your actions, hatred and misery as well? Because there's a bigger picture being painted. Without bettering yourself away from this, you can't help humanity at large. So, people need to be who they were born to be, excepted for what gifts they give to the world, stop changing what isn't wrong with a person, and follow the path of love. Hatred will only continue the misery of hell you and others complain about.

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