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Simple Sewing March


Supply list

Glue stick or fusible webbing

Fabric scissors / rotary cutter

Rotary mat

Sewing needle

Sewing machine

Spool of thread


Fabric Squares

One: Quilt as you go 9x9

Four: 6x6 -  4.5x4.5

or any size square depending on the size of shamrock you make.

Hanging Shamrock 


For my fabric, I used Chrismas scraps

Download Shamrock pattern

Download hearts + stem  pattern


(1) If using the Shamrock pattern, cut out a 9X9 piece of batting to create the "quilt as you go" back.


Of course, you can make a bigger or smaller stuffed Shamrock by cutting a bigger or smaller backing piece. 

Here's a video if you don't know what "quilt as you go" means.

When making the Shamrock, you don't need the backing fabric shown in the video. Just the batting layer. 


(2) Make your "quilt as you go" block


(3) Cut out Shamrock using the pattern for the front and back fabric. 


(4) Cut 4 smaller hearts out of coordinating fabric. 

Option: Use fusible webbing to fuse a piece of batting on the back - and/or - put fusible webbing on the back of coordinating fabric before cutting. 

Fuse the cutout hearts onto the Shamrock foreground. 


(5) Place coordinating hearts on the front shamrock.


Sew around all four hearts with a blanket or zig-zag stitch. 

Option: Add a smaller middle heart in the center. Blanket or zig-zag stitch around. 


(6) Place front shamrock and back shamrock right sides together.  

(7) Pin around leaving a hole that you can turn the shamrock through. 

Don't forget to clip your curves!


Hole ---->


(8) Pull Shamrock through-hole turning right side out.

(9) Add a hanging loop and stuff with stuffing. 

(10) Close up the hole. YOU'RE DONE!

Options:  Add a third heart on top of the coordinating heart fabric. I just fused the third round of hearts without sewing. 

Add another mini heart in the center for added effect. 

Art Quilt Shamrock 


This Shamrock is similar to the Stuffed Shamrock. However, this Shamrock is made with hearts from the downloadable heart pattern above. I then appliqued the Shamrock on a 14 X 14 white fabric square. Next, added a 2.5-inch green fabric strip around to frame the Shamrock. Finally, I created a ribbon from other 2.5- inch strips to sew on top of the green frame. Then I added another 14 square piece of batting behind the white fabric. Instead of binding, I finished the quilt using the pillowcase method before quilting. 

Three  9.5x9.5 

quilt as you go squares


Took large heart scrapes and zig-zagged together to make one piece for the stem. 


More hearts

Cut out stem

Add your 2.5 boarder

Accent frame with a ribbon binding strip.

Add 14x14 batting in-between the front and back of the art quilt.


Sew backing fabric - right sides together - pillowcase style.



Blanket stitch  


fancy stitch

Sew around each "leaf"


Free motion around the shamrock. 



Three 6x6 squares. Zig-zagged scraps

on top of the batting. 

Cut out hearts from squares.

Assemble and fuse!

Hint: I also used fabric glue where fusing didn't work. Some parts of the batting were too thick for the iron to milt the glue. 

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