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Sewing Simple April

Egg Basket

Supply list

Rotary cutter/mat

Fabric scissors

Sewing machine

Sewing needle

Spool of thread


Main fabric (outside)

Lining fabric (inside)

Fabric Squares


9.5x9.5 (small basket)

12.5x12.5 (large basket)

Note: Any size square depending on how big you want the basket.

Download egg pattern



Basket n' eggs


I used leftover fabrics and scraps donated to the NVQG free table as my fabrics. 


Small 9.5x9.5


Large 12.5x12.5

Here's a video on how to make this simple basket above. Differences from mine: She uses an 18x18 square, sews the flaps down, and quilts the fabric first before adding the lining. 

How to make fabric eggs

Video has a pattern to purchase 

Video has a downloadable pattern

Challenge: Make a basket using fabric strips with matching eggs


(1) Any size strips will do.

My strips were 2.5" or 3", I didn't measure. I found these strips in a scrap pile that came from another quilter. 

(2) Sew strips together, then even up the edges with your rotary cutter.

(3) Cut sewn strips in half. Then again. Have fun cutting in different ways. Sew back together and cut again. I cut mine four times. 


(4) Cut fully sewn strip college into a 9.5x9.5 square (for small basket)

NOTE: Make sure your original piece of fabric, when sewn together, is a lot bigger than 9.5X9.5, so you have extra material to make the matching eggs. You can see in the ruler picture my original size fabric. This size made one large and two small eggs.


(5) Put right sides together. Put lining fabric on top of the main fabric.

(not shown in picture)


(6)Cut a piece of 9.5x9.5 stabilizer (I used batting). Glue, baste or pin stabilizer to the main or lining fabric.

(7) Pin around. Leave a hole you can turn the square through. Sew all layers together.

(8) Pull square through-hole. Stay-stitch around the square.  Don't forget to clip your corners!


(9) Quilt as desired. I quilted within each square and rectangle on my mini quilt. 


(10) Fold the square in half.

Mark a dot at 1.5" on the fold and the edge. 


(11) Draw a diagonal line from one dot to the other. Do this on each fold. Then, sew on each folded diagonal line. 


(12) Flip the sewn basket, so the darts are on the inside. Flatten seams down on the ironing board and press edges to make a crips basket. I also did this to the bottom of the basket. YOU'RE DONE!

If you have questions, refer to the video above to make this basket. 


Easy Eggs

(1) Download and cut out large and small egg patterns. 

(2) Take the extra material, cut off your fabric and cut out four egg shapes.

(3) Watch the videos above to see how to sew eggs together. 

image (3)_edited.jpg
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