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Top 5 Sewing Machine Shopping FAQ

What's the best brand?

What's the best brand of sewing machine to buy?

Brands and machines at an actual sewing retailer. Hopefully, where you can try it before you buy it. 


Reputable sewing machine retailers only sell quality machines made with inside metal frames, not plastic. The poor quality of plastic frames is why you don't buy at Target, Walmart, or online from non-reputable dealers. Target machines may look the same and be priced better but are not the same quality. 


Machines that cost $400+ 


However, my $150 Hello Kitty Janome works excellent seven years later. But, once something goes wrong, the kitty machine will be recycled for parts. It would cost at least $100 to fix this machine, so I might as well put the money into a new machine.    

Different brands are known for different things. 

To name a few: For example, Bernina, which costs an extra $1000 for its bells and whistles, is known for perfect stitch quality, extra big bobbins, and being the best. Brother and Babylock have a superior threader and, depending on the price point, have an easy to get to "pivot" function and can sew a square without turning the fabric. Janome is known for being a beast and long-lasing. In addition, Janome doesn't die quickly. 

A brand that allows you to grow!


Example: I own four brands: Babylock, Brother, Janome, and PFAFF. 


I own a Babylock Jublent for its digital wheel, compact size, piece-making stitch, and great threader. 

The Janome HD3000 is the mechanical (non-computerized) machine I use when teaching. This Janome is made like machines from Grandma's time and will probably outlast my fancy computerized machines. 

My Brother BQ2450 sews in all directions, including diagonal, has an easy access "pivot" function button, "Stitch Creator," BIG extension table, big spool holder, great designer stitches, and sews at 1,500 stitches per minute. 


PFAFF Performance 5.2 was my trade-in machine. This machine also has a "Stitch Creator," can sew on ribbon, has a "taper" feature to make borders with different stitches, and has an attached walking foot.  


All my machines are well made, great brands, bought at respected dealerships, and play different roles in my sewing journey. 


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