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Rockn' Roller Rain Catcher


One-of-a-kind crochet 3-1 black, red, white creation. Made with 70% synthetic and 30% soft wool yarn. Has a double forever scarf that loops twice around neck for extra warmth. Used a smaller hook, so took 3 full days to crochet. Has unique crochet pattern corchet right on top of the hood for a more unique artistic texured affect, on both sides. (Look close)


Rain Catchers are inspired by getting caught in the rain without notice. Put the hood up when you start to feel the drops, put the hood down keeping your shoulders warm, when the drops stop. Around the house wear as a shawl, to keep you warm and cozy while reading or doing computer work. I've also used this catcher as a small blanket to keep my legs warms. These Catchers has many uses in one!



Rockn' Roller

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